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David the Gnome is an animated television series based on the book Secrets of the Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet.

Created in 1985 in Spain, twenty-six episodes were produced over two seasons.


David the gnome, sometimes accompanied by his wife Lisa, helps his friends, both gnome and animal, while trying to evade the trolls.


Season One

  1. "Good Medecine"
  2. "Witch Way Out"
  3. "David to the Rescue"
  4. "The Baby Troll"
  5. "Little Houses for Little People"
  6. "The Wedding That Almost Wasn't"
  7. "To Grandfather's House We Go"
  8. "Ghost of the Black Lake"
  9. "The Kingdom of the Elves"
  10. "The Magic Knife"
  11. "Young Dr. Gnome"
  12. "Happy Birthday to You"
  13. "The Siberian Bear"

Season Two

  1. "Foxy Dilemma"
  2. "Three Wishes"
  3. "Ivan the Terrible"
  4. "Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere"
  5. "Any Milk Today"
  6. "The Shadowless Stone"
  7. "Friends in Trouble"
  8. "Airlift!"
  9. "Big Bad Tom"
  10. "Kangaroo Adventure"
  11. "The Careless Cub"
  12. "The Gift"
  13. "The Mountains of Beyond"