G kingdom of the elves

The Kingdom of the Elves is an episode of David the Gnome. It first aired 29 April 1985, and first aired in the US 27 June 1987.


David tells how gnomes make pottery and candles. Outside, another gnome tells him that a little deer has a barbed wire around his neck and needs help. David calls for Swift, but Swift doesn't come. He finds the fox a few feet away, but he is sick from eating poisoned food, a trap set by the trolls. David gives Swift some medicine, then cuts the wire from the deer's neck. On the way back, David decides to go see Gustav, the king of the elves, to get help with revenge on the trolls. Gustav sends some elf messengers to the lake, and Swift lures the trolls there by lying down and pretending to be dead. Once the trolls show up, the elves tease them, drag them through the water, and tie their tails together. David reminds the elves not to hurt the trolls, just tease them.